IQG-129 Veratemp Non-Contact IR Thermometer


IQG-129 Veratemp Non-Contact IR Thermometer

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The PROSCAN® by Veratemp provides a convenient, accurate and easy way to measure body temperature. With the most advanced technology in thermometry today the PROSCAN® is designed for everyday use all environments, both home, work and public settings.

Featuring a 3 colour backlight with an audible alarm for high fever readings, the PROSCAN® is easy to use, clinically accurate and multipurpose .


    •    Reliable and Accurate Measurement
    •    Audible alarm for high fever reading
    •    3 colour backlight LCD display
    •    32 temperature readings in memory
    •    Displays both Celsius or Fahrenheit
    •    12 months warranty

ARTG 337423


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