SENTRY Collector Base

SENTRY Collector Base

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Digital Temperature Monitoring System

The HACCP Monitoring System utilises wireless digital temperature monitoring devices that are accurate to 0.5°C.

A powerful inbuilt transmitter provides extended range allowing the devices to be used on large and heavily built sites where signal strength can be sometimes weakened.

With an IP67 rating (IEC Standard 60529), the temperature alerts are impervious to ingress of dust and water and are suitable for areas subject to regular hosing down for cleaning purposes.

Wired versions of the HACCP food service temperature monitoring system are also available to the same IEC specifications.

The digital temperature monitoring system send data wirelessly to a collector unit.

This unit stores the information and forwards it via 3G-telephone to an AFSTC cloud-based server.

Here it is constantly monitored and alerts and reports are generated.

The Collector unit is also rated to IP67 and has an easy-to-read display for instantaneous data readings of all linked temperature sensing devices.


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