The Ultimate Under-Bench Refrigeration And Under-Counter Commercial Kitchen Freezer System You Have To Have!

If you’re a restaurant owner or chef who enjoys keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in cooking appliances and equipment, you’ll be glad to hear about the benefits of under bench refrigeration and under-counter commercial kitchen freezers. Better yet, you’ll be even more excited to know the best under-bench system currently on the market and how they’re ideal for working within any kitchen space.

Why Is Under Better Than Over [Or Upright Models]? 

Under bench refrigeration and under-counter commercial kitchen freezers have recently become the crowd favourite. These high-end models fit underneath standard counters and workbenches while still boasting the same features that a full-sized freezer or fridge possesses, and much more.

For those working in a small space with many cooks in the kitchen, these space-savers do a marvellous job in optimising floor space while significantly improving traffic flow. Along with floor optimisation, these models optimise counter or bench space, meaning kitchen staff members will have more space to prepare food. Adding to the list of benefits is a modern design, energy efficiency, cost savings and easy access to fresh food and beverages.

Now Let Us Introduce You To Adande

Now that you’ve decided you just have to have under bench fridges and under-counter commercial freezers in your restaurant kitchen, it’s time to showcase the best under-counter commercial kitchen freezer and fridge on the market.

Award-winning Adande, the developer of the ‘hold the cold’ technology, has brought to market its patented refrigerated drawer system units. Food wastage is expensive and in any commercial kitchen space it is important to keep your produce fresher for longer. Why use traditional freezer and refrigeration models when you can use a unique system which ensures cold air is retained when opening drawers?

Features of this must-have system:

  • Modular and portable, allowing chefs to bring refrigeration to the point of use
  • Capacity per dollar invested is much higher than typical upright refrigeration
  • It boasts drawers which are capable of being individually set as a fridge or freezer at temperatures between +15°C to -22°C
  • Energy efficiency and food holding quality due to its unique design, and ‘hold the cold’ technology
  • Its optional heat shield top can withstand temperatures up to 200°C
  • Its blast chiller drawers retain full flexible temperature & capacity to blast chill 5kg of food from +70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes
  • It boasts parts which aid in wear and tear reduction, extensive storage, protection, improved hygiene as well as condenser blockage and ice-up reduction

Now That You’re Convinced, Contact Us

Let us fit out your kitchen space with the best technology for a reduction in food wastage with the Adande Refrigeration. For more information on the latest and greatest in under bench refrigeration and under-counter commercial kitchen freezer systems and models, contact Interquip Global today. Your next best kitchen cooling and freezing appliance is just a phone call or email away.

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