Stoddart Plumbing Wash Basin – Air Basin WB.AB

Stoddart Plumbing Wash Basin – Air Basin WB.AB

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The Stoddart Plumbing Air Basin® provides a complete solution for the hand washing requirements as detailed in Section 4 of AS 4674 – Design, Construction and Fit-Out of Food Premises.

The Air Basin® saves valuable wall space in busy commercial kitchens and eliminates the need for paper towels and waste bins or linen towel services. The Air Basin® has a sensor activated supply of warm water delivered through a single outlet. The Air Basin® can be ordered with a tempering valve to control warm water from hot and cold supply. If there is no hot water supply, the Self Heated Air Basin® option contains an instantaneous water heater that warms the cold water supply for effective washing (soaps are more active in warm water).
On each side of the water outlet are sensor activated air blades that effectively dry hands and arms and prevents the transfer of pathogenic microorganisms to the hands and arms.
The Air Basin® houses the controls for the Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry® Tap, plumbing fittings and water heater or tempering valve in a secure enclosure under the basin. The enclosure has a large access panel to allow access for inspection and service.

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  • Meets the requirements for hand washing in food premises as detailed in AS4674:2004 (4.4)
  • Space saving solution for busy commercial kitchens
  • Economical design, eliminating the use of paper towels and waste bins
  • Stainless steel polished bowl with no. 4 satin finish shroud and integral splashback comes fully pre-plumbed and wired ready for connection on site
  • Sensor activated supply of warm water delivered through single outlet
  • Sensor activated air blades on both sides of the outlet
  • Tempering valve available to control warm water from hot and cold supply
  • Timed flow valve provides effective hand washing and saves water
  • Integrated splashback, spout and shroud enclose plumbing for maximum kitchen hygiene
  • Easy mount stainless steel wall brackets have multiple fixing holes for a quick installation by plumber
  • 2 x 15A GPOs or Hard wired to 30 A – 240 VAC supply with Isolator switch
  • Dimensions of 560 x 469 x 797mm

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 80 cm


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