Forté Pressure Relieving Heel Wedge

Forté Pressure Relieving Heel Wedge


The Forté Single Heel Wedge is utilised to provide effective pressure relief to critical heel areas.

Manufactured using premium immersion foam and a pressure care covering, the Forté Heel Wedge is suited for a wide range of patients.



Heel Wedge: Dual Layer, Pressure Relieving Core

High quality, open cell foam
Anti-microbial treatment

1.  Premium Grade Memory Foam Upper

  • Pressure sensitive
  • High temperature stability
  • Visco-elastic cell structure provides excellent immersion and envelopment

2.  Supportive Base Layers

  • Delivers excellent postural comfort
  • Prevents patient from ‘bottoming-out’
  • High quality, excellent durability

4-Way Stretch, Pressure Care Material (Standard cover)

  • Vapour permeable and breathable
  • Anti-shear
  • Fire retardant, resistant to body fluids and bacteria
  • Wipe-clean
  • Optional: Heavy duty PVC material for maximum durability

High Frequency Sealed and Welded Seams

  • Electromagnetically fused seams protecting against risk of penetration of fluid
  • Meets and exceeds infection control requirements

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500 x 460, 500 x 500


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