A8000 Airmonte Alternating Air Replacement Mattress


A8000 Airmonte Alternating Air Replacement Mattress


The Airmonte A8000 Mattress Range embodies elevated levels in powered patient pressure care. Used and trusted in care facilities across Australia, the Airmonte provides a high standard and consistency of care, with a flawless, easy to operate advanced design at excellent value. Key clinical requirements including adjustable cell pressure, alternating/static modes, adjustable comfort level, low air loss, quick-release CPR valves, quality componentry, effortless operation and easy maintenance ensures effectiveness and comfort for patients and support for carers. Select the Airmonte Pressure Care Mattresses and achieve unsurpassed reliability and exceptional care.


1. Alternating Cell Construction

  • 17 interchangeable alternating cells providing excellent pressure re-distribution
  • Patient is supported constantly, simultaneously allowing oxygen flow to all critical areas, preventing and/or healing pressure sores
  • Height of mattress (20.3cm) allows maximum patient immersion for effectiveness and comfort
  • Strengthened flexible TPU construction maintains mattress integrity for longevity and consistency of patient care
  • Light overall weight (9kg) allows ease of set-up and transportation

2.  Ventilated Cells

  • 16 ventilated cells in centre region optimize micro-climate conditions at the patient interface, reducing excessive heat and moisture

3.  Modular Design

4.  Quality, Ergonomic Pump Unit

5.  Pump Control Panel Functions

  • Cell pressure auto-adjusts to exactly suit patient, providing specialised pressure care
  • Cycle time variable – 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes
  • Comfort level adjustable and auto-firm inflation
  • Alternating/static option
  • Auto-adjust seat function for stability when patients are sitting or changing
  • Automatically controls mattress low air-loss feature, removing internal heat entrapment and patient perspiration
  • Low pressure indication & power failure alert
  • Panel lock facility

6.  Power Cord Safety Retention System

  • Integrated loops enable the power cord to be fastened to the side of the mattress
  • Prevents trip hazards and power cord entrapment by adjustable bed surface
  • Press-stud closure allows easy fitment

7.  Easy to Access CPR

8.  360° Integrated Zipper

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