Is a HEPA air purifier effective against COVID?

What are the top 4 reasons for installing a HEPA air purifier? 

  • 1. To eliminate air pollution

  • 2. To protect from disease

  • 3. To increase workforce productivity

  • 4. To save money

Due to rising levels of air pollution, the demand for air purification has been increasing for some years. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend.

Better research on indoor air quality has been coupled with a heightened awareness of the benefits of clean indoor air. 

  1. Eliminate air pollution

Whilst we cannot remove pollution from the air outdoors, it is very possible to reduce and even eliminate indoor air pollution. Contaminants come in the form of vehicle emissions, smoke, mould & mildews, pollen, and dust. With the growth of dog-friendly offices, pet dander is another hazard. 

Many of these pollutants can cause mild to severe illnesses, ranging from changes in brain structure, higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and respiratory disease, to allergies, asthma, and cancer. Indoors, concentrations of some air pollution can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors. 

An HEPA Air Purifier can trap multiple categories of pollutants, safeguarding health. 

      2.  Protect from disease 

The current advice from WHO is that COVID-19 is predominantly spread by way of air transmission (aerosol), and the risk of surface transmission (fomite) is almost negligible. 

The threat of air-borne transmission is very high and as we open up borders and travel becomes more common again, this issue will escalate. Not only is the serious threat from the COVID virus going to increase, but because we have been socially distancing and wearing masks, our immune systems will have been compromised, increasing the likelihood of contracting other air-borne respiratory viruses. 

Many leading health agencies agree that air-borne disease transmission is a ventilation issue. Exhalation of aerosols containing pathogens are easily transmitted in shared office spaces, especially if ventilation is poor, and occupancy is high. 

Once again – air purifiers with HEPA filtration come to the rescue! 

     3. Increase productivity in your workforce 

It’s a Catch 22 situation – to thrive and survive, we need physical and verbal interaction. To survive in the face of the viral threat we need to keep our distance. 

Poor air quality has been shown to significantly increase the cost of doing business, through higher sickness rates, as well as lost productivity, brain power and ability to make clear-headed decisions. (There is a clue here – clear-headed!) 

Clearly (no pun intended!) a HEPA air purifier  can and will resolve these impacts. 

     4. Save money 

If we are going to increase ventilation rates to combat potential viral/bacterial loads, this air in turn needs to be conditioned to make indoor living, working and exercising comfortable (we are comfort loving creatures, and we do work better in a temperate climate). 

Air conditioning takes energy to run, and any increase in air flow leads to larger energy costs. Two thirds of the energy supplied to any building in the developed world is consumed by the HVAC system. 

A Portable HEPA air purifier has the potential to help contain these costs. Plus they are very cost effective compared to a total revamp of an existing HVAC system.

Published by Ken Grace

First published 1/12/2021

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