Infrared Thermometers – Myths and Truths

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, temperature testing has become a regular and expected process when entering any public area within most countries around the world. We have seen the popularization of infrared forehead thermometers as they are a convenient, accurate, economical and easily portable solution.  What many people overlook is the fact that infrared thermometers have been used in the commercial catering industry for decades. This is largely due to their fast acting, accurate readings that are able to be taken from a distance. Due to this we are very accustomed to the myths and truths surrounding infrared thermometers and we are here to clear up a few things.

1) No, The Laser Does Not Read The Temperature

This is a common misconception but no, the laser is not how these thermometers measure temperature. The laser in infrared thermometers are purely for aim while the laser is to show you where you are pointing the thermometer in order to guarantee an accurate temperature reading. Most infrared thermometers measure the temperature close to where the laser is pointing. Infrared forehead & body thermometers however do not have lasers.

2) Infrared Thermometers Cannot Tell You The Internal Temperature Of An Object Or Person

Infrared thermometers are surface temperature tools, ultimately serving their purpose by reading the external temperature of the object you are testing, whether you’re pointing one of these at a human head or a freshly made dish in the kitchen. When measuring the temperature of food you may also be detecting the surrounding oven or other cooking surface, depending on the optical range of your thermometer. For best results, choose a combination infrared-probe thermometer.

3) All Surfaces Are Not Created Equal

Because not all surfaces are equal, you may get variations in emitted infrared energy depending on what surface you are  reading with your infrared  thermometer. Bio organic surfaces such as the human body or plant bodies, are  the ideal surface for  more accurate readings. Other surfaces such as titanium or steel, reflect and absorb more infrared energy. This being said, the reason infrared  thermometers are so popular in the culinary industry is because of their nearly unbeatable accuracy in regards to distanced temperature tools and their undeniable convenience. Probeless temperature measurement is also more hygenic.

The healthcare and hospitality industries require tools that are able to keep all involved safe and healthy. The infrared thermometer is ideal to ensure distance can be maintained during this process. Interquip Global is a dedicated and experienced supplier of food and body temperature monitoring equipment. To get in touch with our team and see how we can assist you, head over to the ‘contact us’ page now!

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