How much does digital fridge monitoring cost?

How much does a digital temperature monitoring system cost?

This will be one of the first questions anyone will ask when researching their options.

We’ve answered this question thousands of times over the years, and no doubt will continue to answer it!

We get it.

Price matters (it’s not the only consideration, but pretty high on the list). Price may dictate which product or system, and which options you might get.

It’s a tough question to answer right of the bat, because there are multiple types available, with many different features. It’s a bit like buying a car. If you asked “how much does a new car cost?” the answer would be similar. It varies from a few thousand dollars to over a million! Even if you settle on a particular brand and model, there can be a wide variation.

One of the key variables though, is a couple of questions that the buyer needs to ask in-house: How many points do we need to monitor, and over what distance will the data need to be conveyed?

At Interquip, we strive to educate every prospective buyer, even if that leads you to a different brand of product.

To give you a realistic price guide, an average 100 bed aged care facility, with 3 to 5 serveries will cost somewhere between $4000 and $6000 to set up with a full Digital Food Safety System included. There will be also on average, between $90 and $120 per month for data storage and system maintenance.

For an accurate quote, please contact us either through our “Contact Us’ form, or via email at  or phone at 1800 110 303.

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