How A Digital Food Temperature Monitoring System Can Save You Time And Money

Traditional methods of tracking and monitoring temperatures manually are time intensive and inaccurate. This is why many restaurants and commercial kitchens are turning to digital food temperature monitoring systems. And we concur.

What Are Digital Food Monitoring Systems?

There are many quality digital temperature monitoring systems on the market today. Essentially, these devices are specialised thermometers that allow you to remotely measure the temperature of food storage cabinets.

Digital Systems are reliable with pre-set alerts, creating peace of mind. The accurate results of digital monitoring systems conserve precious resources such as energy, employees’ time as well as money.

Saving You Time

The sensors in food temperature monitoring systems record continuously and your staff never have to check and record  freezer and fridge temperatures  manually. This gives your staff more time to focus on more important tasks.

The digital food monitoring systems offered by Interquip Global are set up in such a way that you receive alerts 24/7 via email or SMS when temperatures go too high or too low, meaning that you can carry on with business as usual, only having to attend to issues as they arise. And no more paperwork!

Saving You Money

Freezers and refrigerators consume enormous amounts of energy. By using accurate digital systems to assess the temperature food is stored at, you can adjust temperatures of your refrigeration so that they are only using the necessary energy to run. This will definitely save you money when it comes to your utility bills at the end of the month. Should a staff member inadvertently leave a door ajar, timely alerts will not only prevent food losses, but save energy

If your storage temperatures are too high, you run the risk of food spoilage  and the resultant loss of  money through food wastage. Digital food temperature monitoring systems help ensure that this won’t happen.

Health & Safety

In high-risk commercial kitchens such as healthcare/aged care food service operations, monitoring temperatures accurately will help eliminate potential food safety issues, which could cost your facility significantly in terms of reputation, legal and health related issues.

Safeguard your kitchen with a digital temperature food monitoring system!

Looking for the best in food temperature monitoring technology? Speak to the experts at Interquip Global today to find the right system for your needs!

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