Coping with the friction?

Remember getting soaked when you were a kid? Maybe you got caught in a storm, or fell into the creek. Then you had to walk home fully dressed, with your wet jeans dragging on your legs and chafing horribly. It didn’t take long for it to make a mess of your skin.

When you get old, and not so active, your skin gets even more fragile. It tears and ulcerates easily, and is prone to infections. You’re less likely to be falling into a dam, and much more likely to be sitting or sleeping in the same position for long periods of time.

That story may be a long way off for you, but it might be very real for people in your care. Your parents. Your veteran uncle. Your disabled cousin. Or, if you are in the healthcare industry, it could be a patient you are responsible for.

Benjamin Franklin was spot on when he said “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. Managing friction is absolutely critical to preventing pressure injuries. Keeping the skin clean, protected and appropriately moisturised is important.  Then making sure the patient is repositioned at least every two hours. Performing regular skin checks. They are all basic essentials for good skin care.

Of course, having the right equipment can make a huge difference. Alternating air mattresses constantly (and silently) shift and redistribute the body’s main pressure points. The better-quality ones are covered in low-friction materials for increased shear protection. Super comfortable, too.

One of our customers, Lea Parker, who is the DON at Eventide Lutheran Homes in Hamilton VIC, had a non-ambulant resident who was starting to show signs of redness on their heels. Lea switched the resident to one of our Fortè Zephair Pressure Care Mattress, and within a week, the redness disappeared.

Lea said ” I know that other air mattresses are designed to do this, but in my experience, never as quick as this!”

Need we say more?

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