A Guide to Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Food Safety Regulations as per FSANZ mean that accurate and continuous temperature monitoring is essential for the safe storage of food and demonstrates due diligence.

Why Do I Need a Temperature Monitoring Solution?

A typical commercial refrigerator, freezer, cool room, or freezer room may contain foodstuffs stored at a variety of temperatures. Manual temperature monitoring can be time-consuming and subject to human error. And if monitoring is not continuous, fluctuations or temporary faults and failures in equipment may go completely undetected. Any compromise to food quality can affect your business, your customers and can ultimately put people ’s health at risk.


How Do Temperature Monitors Work?

Temperature monitors provide a reliable, remote, and easy to set up and use a system that manages, monitors and alerts users to un-due changes in temperature. Temperature Monitors connect directly to your network. Probes are placed where needed collect data, which is relayed back to the central processing unit. Using the monitoring software you are able to set temperature parameters, and view and save data as required by your EHO. In the event of refrigeration failure, a door that failed to close (a common issue) or temperatures moving outside set parameters, responsible persons will be alerted via email and/or SMS so that appropriate action can be taken.

Benefits of a Temperature Monitoring System

  • Continuously monitor refrigeration units, cold rooms, freezers using the one system
  • Greater energy cost control
  • View, graph and log data
  • Immediate alert to issues so that damage or stock losses can be avoided
  • Access to electronic cleaning schedules
  • Access to electronic cook/chill data logging

Ask our team about our Intelliguard and Cleverlogger systems for food safety monitoring today!

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